Premium Ingredients, Homemade Taste & Quality

Muffin ingredients: milk, flour, sugar,

     Ingredients are so important to the outcome of anything we make but in baking, this is especially true. I have always been extremely selective of any ingredients that go into the things I create, even including things like the salt, baking powder, and sugar.

     I use only King Arthur Flour in everything I make and I have for over 20 years. It is a flour that not only yields consistent results every time but is also minimally processed. Not to mention, the company has an amazing philosophy. The spices I use come from a small, eco-friendly company that produce their spices in small batches and is very selective about each and every one for premium flavor and quality. The flavorings and food colorings come from either my small spice company or another very reputable top-quality specialty company that has been around since 1868.

     Some of my delicious recipes have fruits or vegetables in them, and for some of these recipes, I will only use organic produce. One example of this is the carrot cake. I use only organic carrots in this wonderful cake. I will use local produce in any of my recipes when it is available.

     Another essential ingredient in baking is chocolate. In most cases, I will use Ghirardelli, Guittard, Godiva, or other premium chocolates. The butter I use is almost always Kerrygold butter and I always try to use eggs that come from cage-free chickens that are from certified humane farms. 

     Quality and taste are so important to me. This is why over the years, I have found the perfect combination of the best ingredients available. If you ever have any questions about the ingredients that are used in the things I make, please contact me