How a Simple Walk Can Inspire Creativity

With the weather finally turning warm, everyone is excited to be able to do more outside and that includes my kids. The other morning they both wanted to go for a walk and we brought grandma along too. We were planning just to walk to our local park and come right back home, however our walk ended up quit a bit longer than we had anticipated.

It was beautiful and sunny out and just the perfect temperature to be outside. All the spring flowers and green leaves making an appearance made the walk that much more enjoyable. At one point on our trail there is a fairly thick wooded area and at the particular moment we were there, the sun was shining perfectly and highlighted different areas within the woods.

My children had both brought their phones with them. My daughter had told me she brought hers so she could take pictures as she wants to be a photographer when she gets older and my son brought his to play Pokemon Go! As we approached that perfect spot in the woods, both of my kids were so caught up in the beauty of it, they both turned into photographers and even got me on board. They had an amazing time and loved showing my mom and me all the pictures they were taking. When they were finished on the trail, they continued on in the park, taking pictures of many different things and we even talked about different angles which they both tried. We also discussed the different filters they can use to edit the pictures.

By the time we were heading home the kids were filled with energy because they had had so much fun on what started out as just a simple walk!

This is the spot that had us all intrigued.
The Pretty Patch of Woods

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