Baking Is Not the Only Thing I Love To Do!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Another passion I got from grandma was the love of reading. I remember pulling the books from her many shelves when I was little and "reading" them in a couple of minutes and moving to the next one. I loved all of the books she had and often I would make up my own stories as I read over words that made no sense to a very young child. As I got older, I remember we would often go to the bookstore and buy the books that we were reading in class so I would have my own copy. My grandma would always read the book also and we would discuss the stories - the things we liked and didn't like and everything else about it. I have so many wonderful memories of doing book things with my grandma. After our oldest was born, I had very little time to read and in the next few years just kind of put it to the side. Then one of my friends raved about the Harry Potter series. I was very reluctant to to read it because of all the things I had heard. I am glad I took the chance because it was a wonderful way to jump back into to reading with vibrant, life-like characters and an amazing world to live in with all of characters throughout the series. From there I had read the Twilight series, which at the time, I really enjoyed until I realized there was an entire world out there with so many amazing authors, books and adventures that were just waiting to be discovered.

When I am not working, baking or doing kid things, my nose is in a book. I will be posting reviews and recommendations and occasionally an interview with some of these amazing authors. I read mystery, suspense, thrillers, romance, and occasionally a cozy mystery. My reads range from steamy to sweet to Christian fiction and everything in between. My recommendations will let readers know where each book fits in, so everyone can decide for themselves if it would be something that they would love to read. I don't know if I will always have time to post but I will try to post an update at least every couple of weeks. I can't wait to share all the reading greatness with you! Thank you coming along to find some great books.

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