So This Is Something New and Fun!

As of a few weeks ago, I became a Professional Reader with NetGalley. I am so excited because I will get the chance to read and review advanced copies of books and then share those reviews with you! This is great because it will showcase upcoming books and give you an idea of some really great upcoming books and also if a book maybe isn't quite what I was hoping for, I will let you know that as well. Reading is obviously very subjective and while I may love something you may not quite feel the same and vice versa. I will do my best to give my honest opinion with facts from the book to support that opinion. I know all of these authors work very hard to give us great books to read with the hope we will love them. I will never leave a scathing review even if the book wasn't for me. I would love feedback on my reviews as well as your feedback and discussions about the reviewed books if you read them! That would be amazing! I will be posting the reviews on GoodReads as well as on this blog and on the NetGalley site. Please feel free to follow me on GoodReads at to be able to see these reviews as well as others.

When I review a book and when I put the review on this site, there will be a little extra to the review such as a rating to let you know if the book is sweet or spicy or somewhere in between. I will provide links, when available, so you know where you can purchase the book. There may be additional information given as well. If there is ever anything you feel I have missed, please comment and let me know! I am so excited about this new adventure in the world of reading and I am so excited for you to join me! Please continue to check back as there will be more reading fun to come!

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